Participating in a research group
New pieces for NyNorsk Messingkvintett
New piece for Stabsmusikken with Basson Solo
New pieces for Tabula Rasa (for vocal ensemble and accordion)


Visit "media" (to the left on this page) to watch works on video

New piece
"Relieff" for cello and orchestra

"Relieff" presented by soloist Amalie Stalheim at Spillerom Sunday April 25 at 17:05 and NRK Klassisk Sunday April 25 at 21:03

"Relieff" at Alltid Klassisk, April 15 2021

Great review of "Relieff" in Klassekampen (pdf)

April 8 2021
Grieghallen at 19:30
"Relieff" for cello and orchestra premiered by BFO and soloist Amalie Stalheim, conductor Eivind Gullberg Jensen
More info 

(Photo: Nikolaj Lund)

March 25 2021
NRK Store Studio at 19:00
"Relieff" for cello and orchestra with KORK and Amalie Stalheim, cancelled due to covid 19-restrictions
More info


February 5 2021
Premiere of concert movie "multiMORF remix", music: Knut Vaage, electronics: Thorolf Thuestad, light-/video design: Evelina Dembacke
Cinemateket USF at 16.00
Trailer 1
Trailer 2


December 2020

New pieces:
"Tidlaus", for vocal ensemble and accordion 
"Winter Song, version 2", for countertenor and baroque ensemble
"20 blikk på opus 54", for solo piano
"2nd Movemement Meditation nr 2", for forte piano 

5 star review for "Svev" (LWC1199) in Fanfare Magazine (pdf)

November 22 2020
DonkeyJam performs "Nesten rondo", Hornamansgården, Trondheim at 13:00
More info


November 8 2020
Release of the string quartet "Bumerang" at Oslo Quartet Series
Order score
Recorded on the LAWO-CD "Svev"
Buy CD
Listen on Spotify



Oct 28 2020
Telemark Chamber Orchestra performs "Sonetter"
Fredrikstad library at 19:00
More info (FB)

Oct 25 2020
Telemark Chamber Orchestra performs "Sonetter"
Bragernes Church at 19:00
More info (FB)

(Telemark Chamber Orchestra)

Oct 2 2020
Artic Sinfonietta performs "Villmark" for trumpet and electronics
Halti Kulturscene Storslett at 19:00
More info (FB)

Oct 1 2020
Artic Sinfonietta performs "Villmark" for trumpet and electronics
City Scene Alta at 21:00
More info (FB)

September 30 2020
Skjervøy Kulturhus at 19:00
Artic Sinfonietta performs "Villmark" for trumpet and electronics
More info (FB)

(Sten Ivar Frydenlund performs "Villmark")

Sept 26 2020
Premiere of "multiMORF remix: vol 1", NyNorsk Messingkvintett and Thorolf Thuestad - sound design, at 20:00, Gyldenpris Kunsthall, Lien 79, 5057 Bergen
More info (FB)

Premiere of "multiMORF remix: vol 1"

Sept 9 2020
Norwegian Sounds
Performance of "Sonetter 129" for string quartet
Hamar Domkirke at 19:00-20:30
More info 1 (FB)
More info 2 (FB)

Sept 8 2020
Norwegian Sounds
Performance of "Sonetter 129" for string quartet
Christiania Torv 1, 0151 Oslo at 19:00-20:30
More info (FB)

Sept 7 2020
Norwegian Sounds
Premiere of "Sonetter 129" for string quartet
Lund kirke at 19:00–20:30
More info 1 (FB)
More info 2 (FB)

Finished pieces:
"Sonette 129" for strykekvartett/string quartet
"multiMORF V" for solo trumpet in C, 4 amplified brass instruments and computer
"multiMORF VI" for trombone and waterfall with echoing brass quartet 


"Hybrid Spectacle" at NRK2 TV Hovedscenen, June 7 (from the concert at the Borealis Festival, March 7 2020)

Radio program about "Hybrid Spectacle" (Norwegian). Excerpts from concert and interview from the world premiere at the Borealis Festival 2020. 

(BIT20 Ensemble with John Ehde (Photo: Thor Brødreskift)

Release of the Chamber Music CD "Svev" the 8th of May 2020

New pieces:
"Hybrid Spectacle" for solo cello, sinfonietta, electronics and visuals
"Eselet", "The Donkey", staged bible play for children choir, baritone solo and small ensemble
"Hybridization" for ensemble and electronics 
"Leik" for toy piano trio
"Villmark" for trumpet and electronics
"2 Silent Movies" for impro-ensemble
"Rabalder" for piano solo
"Hybrid 1" for cello and electronics
"Nattsang" for cello solo
"Nattsang 2" for cello solo

Interview in Bergensmagasinet Tuesday February 25 (Norwegian)

"En opplevelse av noe stort", "Hybridization" with BIT20 Ensemble, nov 11 2019, nice review in BT (pdf, norwegian)

Interview about US-tour in the Norwegian American

May 1 2020
Spanish premiere of "Orkesterdialogar" with Sinfónica de Tenerife, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) at 19:30
More info

(Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín)


April 19 2020
Ensemble Lucilin from Luxembourg plays "Svev"
17 Garebierg, Hellange at 16:00
More info

April 18 2020
Ensemble Lucilin from Luxembourg plays "Svev"
Gunnar Sævigs Sal, Bergen at 13:00
More info

(Ensemble Lucilin)

April 17 2020
BFung performs "Tjat" ("Chatter") in Grighallen, Bergen at 19:30. Conductor: Okko Kamu
On tour:
April 19 Stavanger Concert House
April 20 Hjertnes Culture House, Sandefjord
April 21 Oslo Concert House
More info 1
More info 2

(BFUng - Photo: Helge Skodvin)

March 29 2020 
World premiere of "Eselet" "The Donkey" bible play for children choir, baritone solo and small ensemble
Fridalen kirke at 18:00
More info (Norwegian, FB)

March 7 2020 
BIT20 Ensemble jubilee concert Bergen, Studio Bergen 20:00-21:00
Premiere of "Hybrid Spectacle"
More info
More info 2 (FB)

("Utopolis #9", Silje Heggren, 2018, acrylic on canvas)

March 12 2020
Kazakhstan National Conservatory at 18:00
Einar Røttingen performing "Rabalder" 
More info



Februray 23 2020
The University Aula at 18:00
(Un-)Settling Sites and Styles. Closing concert. Free tickets
More info (Norwegian)

(Research group participants)


Desember 3 2019
"Norwegian Contemporary Music" Rasmus Hella Mikkelsen and Wolfgang Plagge performs "In Between", Chamber Hall, Barrat Due musikkinstitutt, Lyder Sagens gat 2, Oslo at 19:00
More info

(Rasmus Hella Mikkelsen)

December 2 2019 
The University of Washington Modern Music Ensemble performs music from the mid-20th century and beyond, Brechemin Auditorium 7:30pm, free admission
John Cage: Imaginary Landscapes No. 1 
Knut Vaage: Leik 
Anna Thorvaldsdóttir: Shades of Silence
Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms No. 9 
George Crumb: Vox Balaenae
More info

(UW Modern Music Ensemble)

November 22 2019
Peer Gynt DUB, DNS 
Premier performance, Music Theatre
More info (Norwegian)

Peer Gynt

November 9 2019
BIT20 Ensemble jubilee consert Bergen, Peer Gynt Hall 15:30
Premiere of "Hybridisation"
More info


November 3-6 2019
Seattle and Tacoma:
Music Exchange International, in partnership with Scandinavian Center of Pacific Lutheran University, Northwest Grieg Society, Seattle Modern Orchestra, University of Washington, and the Nordic Museum, welcome Knut Vaage and the Valen Trio to take part in a cultural exchange program between musicians of the US and Norway. 
They will be performing in a series of concerts, and giving lectures and classes in Washington State in November 2019. 
More info

November 3, 2019 : Nordic Museum / Seattle, WA
Presented by Seattle Modern Orchestra and the NW Grieg Society. Lecture and concert featuring Seattle Modern Orchestra and the Valen Trio performing works of Knut Vaage and other recent Norwegian composers.
More info 

November 5: Pacific Lutheran University / Tacoma, WA 
PLU Orchestra Concert to include music by Knut Vaage.
More info

November 6: Pacific Lutheran University / Tacoma, WA
Valen Trio performing works of Knut Vaage and other recent Norwegian composers.
In addition the musicians and Vaage will teach classes at Washington and the Pacific Lutheran University.
More info:

Pieces to be performed:
MYLDER (2011)
for orchestra
Performance by PLU Orchestra (in Tacoma)

ODYSSÉ (2002)
for sinfonietta
a re-composing of Grieg op. 54 
Performed by Seattle Modern Orchestra (in Seattle)
SVEV (2017-18)
for piano trio
Performed by Valen Trio. US premiere (in Tacoma and Seattle)

for solo piano
Einar Røttingen, Piano. US premiere (in Tacoma)

NIGHT SONG 2 (2019)
for cello solo
John Ehde, cello and electronics. US premiere (in Tacoma)


November 2 2019 
Arkhangelsk Russia:
Sten Ivar Frydenlund performes "Villmark" for trumpet and electronics at Philharmonic Hall Arkhangelsk

(Sten Ivar Frydenlund will premiere "Villmark")


October 24 2019 
Grieg Now! Opening concert GSS 13:00
Bergen premiere of "Night Song 2”
John Ehde, cello and electronics
More info 


September 29 2019
BrassWind, Universitetsaulaen in Bergen at 14:00
Trio Zephira from Langhaugen skole performs "Bea's song" and "Lille-Fønix 2"
More info (FB)

(Trio Zephira)

September 28 2019
BrassWind, Universitetsaulaen, Bergen at 18:30
Sten Ivar Frydenlund performs "Villmark" for trumpet and electronics
More info (FB)

September 26 2019
New performance of "Orkesterdialogar", Kilden Konserthus with KSO
More info

(Kilden Konserthus with KSO)

September 9 2019
Den kulturelle skolesekken, Hordaland 
40 performances, September and October by Big Suits Tiny Piano Trio
Premiere of "Leik" for violin, cello and toy piano
More info (Norwegian)

(Big Suits Tiny Piano Trio)


August 25 2019
Valestrand Culture Church at 14:00 (part 2 in Fartein Valen’s house)
(Un-)Settling Sites and Styles
Premiere of "Night Song 2" for cello with electronics
More info (Norwegian)


June 5 2019
Østre at 18.00
nyMusikk Krapyl. Trio Zephira from Langhaugen skole performs "Lille-Fønix 1 og 2", and "Beas’ song"
More info (FB)

nyMusikk Krapyl

May 20.-24 2019
Hærens Musikkorps performs "Lydfabrikken" at Harstad Kulturhus, conductor Trond J. Madsen
More info (FB)

Lydfabrikken/The Soundfactory

May 10 2019
Egeskoven in Permatopia, Karese (DK) kl 21.30, premiere of "Nattesang"
More info (Facebook)

Our research project is presented in an article at
Teaser research project: co-operation composer-performer with cellist John Ehde
Project website

May 5 2019
Siljustøl at 13:00
(Un-)Settling Sites and Styles in Search of New Expressive Means
More info (Norwegian)



April 13 2019
Avgarde at Cornerteateret
Premiere of "Hybrid 1", John Ehde - cello, Thorolf Thuestad - elektronics, Birk Nygaard - video and lightning
More info

April 4 2019
Silent Film Days in Tromsø, Verdensteateret at 18:00
3 world premiers: music for 2 silent movies and “Villmark" for trumpet and electronics
More info

(Sten Ivar Frydenlund will premiere "Villmark")

March 18 2019
Narvik Winter Festival at 19:00
Artic Sinfonietta performs Odyssé together with songs of Leonard Cohen
More info

March 17 2019
Tromsø Kulturhus at 19:00
Artic Sinfonietta performs Odyssé together with songs of Leonard Cohen

March 12 2019
Litteraturhuset, Bergen kl 18-19
Notelangs. When tradition meet our own time. Discussion about our research project
More info (Facebook)

March 11 2019
Univeritetsaulaen in Bergen at 19:00
Einar Røttingen premiers "Rabalder" for solo piano
More info



February 7 2019
"Jug Band Rag" will be played in Manchester by Psappha, at 19.30 in St Michael’s, Ancoats
More info

January 19 2019
NMH Lindemansalen at 14:15
Trio Zephyrus performs "Lille-Fønix", "Beas song" and "Lille-Fønix 2", UMM finale
Julia Constance Wiger-Nordås - flute
Thomas Hjertaker - obo
Elise Berge-Haukedal - tuba


November 8 2018
NRK Store Studio at 19:00
"Rite" for violin and orchestra performed by KORK, soloist Harald Aadland, conductor Eivind Aadland
More info



October 29 2018
KoncertKirken, 19:30 – 21:00
John Ehde – Cello and electronics
John Hegre –  electronics and soundscapes
Knut Vaage – piano and electronics
More info


October 27 2018
Blest, premiere of new work at Tromsø domkirke, Tromsø Internasjonale Kirkefestival
More info

BLEST Tromsø

October 17 2018
Vinyl-release with Bergen Improstorband, Bergen Kjøtt, at 19:30. My piece "Ad lib" is on side A, Per Zanussi's piece is on side B
More info (Facebook)

CD-Bergen Improstorband

September 29 2018
nyMusikk Bergen celebrates 40 year! 
Opening concert: nyMusikk Krapyl, Bergen Kjøtt at 18.00
More info

nyMusikk Bergen 40 år

September 13 2018
Trondheim Symphony Orchestra at 19:30, Olavshallen
"Tjat" ("Chatter") will be performed as a part of Prinsesse Astrids musikkpris, an international conductor competition
More info
More info 2



July 22 2018
Valen Trio at 19:30, Dorf gl. Skole, Danish premiere
Knut Vaage – "Svev"
John Ehde (cello)
Einar Røttingen (piano)
Ricardo Odriozola (violin)
More info
More info 2

July 19 2018
Valen Trio at 19:30, Ellevang kirke, Århus
Knut Vaage – "Svev"
John Ehde (cello)
Einar Røttingen (piano)
Ricardo Odriozola (violin)
More info

Valen Trio
(Valen Trio)


June 1 2018
Mentor at Nordisk komponistseminar, Artisk Sinfonietta with teachers and students from other Nordic countries. Concert with music from all participants; my work: "Point of View" for solo piano.

Mentor at Nordisk komponistseminar


Review of "Orkesterdialoger" in newspaper Sunnhordland

Review of "Orkesterdialoger" in "The New Listener", a German online magazine
Norwegian translation of review above (pdf)

"Heilt, heilt vanvittig" - Nice review in Stavanger Aftenblad; world premiere of "Orkesterdialogar"

April 5 2018
World premiere of "Orkesterdialogar", Stavanger Konserthus with SSO, repeated April 6 and at Stord April 7
More info
Meir info 2


New pieces:
for orchestra, 2018

for piano trio, 2017

for percussion trio, 2018

March 11 2018
New Chambermusic: Valen Trio
World premiere
KODE 4 - Tårnsalen
Rasmus Meyers allé 9, 5015 Bergen
Knut Vaage – "Svev"
Sigurd Fischer Olsen – "Mold"
John Ehde (cello)
Einar Røttingen (piano)
Ricardo Odriozola (violin)
More info

(Valen Trio)

March 4 2018
String Quartets by Ketil Hvoslef and Knut Vaage, at 13, Storstuen, Siljustøl.
More info


March 4 2018
“Urlicht" performed as part of The Modern Romantic/Den Moderne Romantiker (9 new works by 9 Scandinavian composers, Det jyske sangselskab, Århus kl. 16.00


February 20 2018
Cornerteateret, at 19:00 - 22:00
Avgarde, premiere of "Respons 1-3" miniatures for percussion trio
Gard Garsol
Manuel Höfstatter
Trond Gjelsten Dale
More info

"Ke-de-gaar-i" (performed at Borealis), review in The Cusp Magazine

"Høgsongen" CD, nice review from Pizzicato (pdf)


December 6 2017
Concert Hall Dvorana, Academy of Music and Performing Arts, 7 p. m.
"In Between" for Violin and Piano
Einar Røttingen, piano 
Ricardo Odriozola, violin
More info

Concert Hall Dvorana, Academy of Music and Performing Arts

December 5 2017
Lecture about Norwegian contemporary music, Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Bratislava

November 16 2017
Yer Olde I/O, impro premiere with Hegre/Vaage/Møster/Træen, Landmark
More info


October 29 2017
First performance of "Høgsong for choir and string orchestra". CD release from LAWO with "Høgsongen" (lyrics from Song of Solomon) and "Ars vivendi". With Collegium Musicum choir and orchestra. Conductor: Eivind Gullberg Jensen. Soloists: Mari Eriksmoen and Halvor F. Melien.  

Første framføring av «Høgsong for kor og strykeorkester».

October 21 2017
“Urlicht" performed as part of The Modern Romantic/Den Moderne Romantiker (9 new works by 9 Scandinavian composers, Mariendalkirken, Frederiksberg at 16.00

October 8 2017
“Urlicht" performed as part of The Modern Romantic/Den Moderne Romantiker (9 new works by 9 Scandinavian composers, Det fynske sangselskab, Odense at 15.00


September 30 2017
Manger Musikklag with conductor dirigent Bjørn Sagstad premieres "Respons", Universitetets aula at 14:00. BrassWind-festivalen celebrates 100th anniversary of Norsk Komponistforening. All music performed at the festival by Norwegian composers!
More info (Facebook)

Manger Musikklag
Manger Musikklag

September 24 2017
“Urlicht" performed as part of The Modern Romantic/Den Moderne Romantiker (9 new works by 9 Scandinavian composers, Holte kirker at 16.00

Composers and performers after the premiere in Stavnsholt kirke
(Composers and performers after the premiere in Stavnsholt kirke, Farum 10/9-17)

September 23 2017
"Odyssé" performed by Artic Sinfonietta in Severodvinsk, Russia

September 22 2017
"Odyssé" performed by Artic Sinfonietta in Arkhangelsk, Russia

Artic Sinfonietta
(Artic Sinfonietta)

September 21 2017
BFO performs "Troll", Grieghallen at 19.30, conductor Lars Thomas Holm
More info


September 15 2017
"Da kommt noch wer" film and discussion at Den Norske Opera, Oslo Kulturnatt 2017
More info

(Photo: Erik Berg)

September 10 2017
"Urlicht" will be premiered as a part of "The Modern Romantics" in The Stavnsholt Church in Farum (Denmark)

The Stavnsholt ChurchThe Stavnsholt Church

Nice review in Morgenbladet (pdf) of KORK-CD "Variation over variation med stykket Mylder"

Variation over variation med stykket Mylder


June 11 2017
Rasmus and Balder Hella Mikkelsen premiers “Between” for violin and cello at Lysøen (KODE) 13.00

Rasmus Hella Mikkelsen

Balder Hella Mikkelsen

June 2 2017
"Winter Song" will be premiered by Lautten Compagney (Berlin) with soloist Tora Augestad, in Kinsarvik Kirke at 16:00 as a part of the Hardanger Musikkfest. Text by Hanne Bramness
Buy tickets
Article in Hardanger Folkeblad
Program Hardanger musikkfest

Latten Compagney
(Lautten Compagney)

May 28 2017
Susanne Kessel, piano. Concert for German Norwegian Society at Klavierhaus Klavins, Bonn. 
Piano pieces by Kai Schumacher, Gisle Kverndokk, Mike Herting, Ulrike Haage, Mark Rayen Candasamy, Knut Vaage, Arni Egilsson, Claudio Puntin, Harald Muenz, York Hoeller, LvBeethoven and Edvard Grieg. Encore: Edino Krieger
More info (Facebook)

Susanne Kessel(Susanne Kessel)

May 26 2017
Opening ceremony Bergen International Festival at Torgalmenningen i Bergen kl 12:30
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra performs Tjat (Chatter) and 4 musical transitions. Musical advisor for BFO in co-coperation with stage director Alan Lucien Øyen. 
Live video:

Bergen International Festival
(Opening ceremony Bergen International Festival at Torgalmenningen)

May 11 2017
Nordstrom Recital Hall, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA, at 19.30 
Angelo Rondello, piano
Works by sister-city composers
Fernando Sulpizi (Italy)
Fumio Uno (Japan)
Szilárd Kovács (Hungary), 
Knut Vaage (Norway)

Nordstrom Recital Hall
(Nordstrom Recital Hall)

May 10 2017
Haakonshallen at 19.30, Langhaugen vgs celebrates 30 years, premiere of "Fønix 2", for Brass band
More info at Facebook


May 2 2017
Angelo Rondello, piano
Works by Seattle-based composers Samuel Jones, Peter Vukmirovic Stevens, Angelique Poteat, Benjamin Salman, Adam Haws and Bergen-based composer Knut Vaage
Gunnar Sævig Hall - Grieg Academy, Bergen, Norway
More info


April 22 2017
"Dikt og udikt om likt og ulikt", at 14.00, Litteraturhuset in Bergen.
More info at Facebook

Ill: Akin Duzakin
(Ill: Akin Duzakin)

March 13 2017
"Mylder" has been recorded by KORK on their new CD, "Variations over Variations"
More info
Review/article (pdf)

KORK cd cover

March 11 2017
Chamber choir GNEIS performs "Ke-de-gaar-i" (premiere), Borealis, Bergen Storsenter & Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek (Bergen Public Library), at 11.00
More info


March 11
Kimen Kulturhus at 14.00
Dialogue of Trees performs "Vi Reiser"/"We Journey"

March 10
Sund Folkehøgskole
Dialogue of Trees performs "Vi Reiser"/"We Journey"

March 8
Ole Vig VGS
Dialogue of Trees performs "Vi Reiser"/"We Journey"

March 5
Øysteinsalen, Erkebispegården i Trondheim at 15.00
Dialogue of Trees performs "Vi Reiser"/"We Journey"

March 4
Ørland Kultursenter at 14.00
Dialogue of Trees premieres "Vi Reiser"/"We Journey"
Dialogue of Trees:
Helga Eriksen-text
Heidi Law-percussion
Karoline Vik Hegge-viola
Finn Magnus Fjell Hjelland- piano
Vvzela Kook- visual design and installations
More info

Dialogue of Trees
(Dialogue of Trees)


Jan 20 2017
"For stadig å bli", work for 15 voice choir, to be performed at Østre, January 20 at 19.00
Artistic concept: Sissel Lillebostad
Composer: Knut Vaage
Sound design: Thorolf Thuestad
More info

For stadig å bli


November 27
DonkeyJam performs "Nesten rondo”, Haugesund Billedgalleri at 16.00
More info (Facebook)

Haugesund Billedgalleri
(Haugesund Billedgalleri)


October 18
DonkeyJam framfører "Nesten rondo”, Hornemansgården, Trondheim at 19.00

October 16
DonkeyJam performs "Nesten rondo”, Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek at 14.00

October 2
DonkeyJam performs "Nesten rondo”, Mo Kyrkje at 15.00

October 1
DonkeyJam performs "Nesten rondo”, Vangskyrkja at 17.00

Nice review in BT, opning concert sept 1. with peformance of "Tjat" and more


September 30
Three young musicians in Fløyboba will perform 3 chamber pieces at BrassWind, all written for them. 2 premier performances.
More info at Facebook


September 30
DonkeyJam performs "Nesten rondo”, Dale Forsamlingshus at 19.30


Sept 29
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, at 19.30
John Casken - "Concerto for Orchestra" (2007)
Benjamin de Murashkin - "Logos" (2010)
Indra Risé - "The Green Vision" (2002)
Ignacy Zalewski - "Anger: for Orchestra" (2011)
Jani Golob - "Stiri Slovensk ljndske pesmi za Simfonicni" (2005)
Knut Vaage - "Refleks: fragment og refleksjonar" (2007)
Jessica Cottis - Conductor

Jessica Cottis
(Conductor Jessica Cottis)

September 29
My orchestra piece "Reflex" is selected to be performed at the ECCO concert in Ljubljana (Slovenia) for 2016. More information will follow shortly.

September 17
Arktisk Sinfonietta performs "Odyssé" in Arkhangelsk (Russia), conductorVladimir Ornufriev

September 1
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra opening concert, Grieghallen Bergen, conductor Ed Gardner:
Vaage: "Tjat" (Chatter)
Elgar: Cello concert (Truls Mørk)
Mahler: Symphony nr 5


Great review of "multiMORPH IV"

(multiMORPH IV cd)

May 20
"Futuration" for orchestra and electronics on video at A large scaled experiment with microphones on all instruments, surround sound and live electronics. Watch Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and Ed Gardner from their concert 3rd of Desember 2015. Featuring Thorolf Thuestad (sound design), Håkon Holmås (mix), Lars-Thomas Holm (workshop/cues) and Erlend O. Nødtvedt(voice/text).

Ed Gardner

May 8
“Planting" will be premiered in Galleri Puls, Nordheimsund at 18:00 by musicians from "Harding Puls”
More info:


May 3
Bergen Library at 18:00
The chamber choir GNEIS performes music on poems by Olav H. Hauge
More info on Facebook


April 29
“Mylder" recorded by KORK and their chief conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya

March 12
Borealis, Konsertsirkus!
Bergen Internasjonale Kultursenter, Kong Oscars gate 15, at 14.00 - 17.00
Children from the Vadmyra school will join composers Knut Vaage, Ole Andre Farstad and musicians from BIT20 Ensemble to perform a new work, "Jeg fant, jeg fant…", from the BIT20 outreach program "Vi komponerer"

March 11
"Breaking Another Wall" will be performed in Olavshallen, Trondheim at 19.17 by Kolbotn Konsertorkester conducted by Rune A. Halvorsen

March 6
Kolbotn Konsertorkester performs "Breaking Another Wall"
Lillestrøm Kultursenter at 19.50


February 25
Susanne Kessel will premier the piano piece "2nd Movement Meditation” in Bonn
More info at Facebook

February 5
New piece "multiMORF memoriam" in memoriam John-Arild Suther, premier performance in Korskirken at 19.30 as an introduction for the BIT20 concert "Book of Hours"

The young musicians in "Fløyboba" commissioned and premiered "Lille-Fønix" at UNM Bergen in Bergen 15. Nov. 2015. "Fløyboba" will perform the piece again at the finale of UMM 23 Jan. 2016 at 14:45 in Lindemansalen (Norges musikkhøgskole, Oslo)


December 3
"Futurasjon" for the 250th anniversary of Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra in 2015, premieres at Grieghallen at 19.30
More info
Article in BT (pdf)

November 22
DonkeyJam performs "We journey" at Youth Square Hong Kong 19:00
More info


Review of "Fønix" in BT (pdf)

October 16
Norwegian-Polish youth orchestra performs "Fønix" in Nordheimsund Church at 19:00. Free entrance
More info

October 15
Norwegian-Polish youth orchestra premiers "Fønix" at Logen in Bergen at 19:00. Free entrance
More info
More info 2

MultiMORPH IV released on CD with Erlend Vetås Aagaard-Nilsen. Lawo.

(MultiMORF IV cd)

13. september
“Songs of Solomon” recorded with Collegium Musicums choir and orchestra, soloists Mari Eriksmoen and Halvor Melien, conductor Eivind Gullberg Jensen, recorded by Gunnar Herleif Nilsen


August 16
Ungdomssymfonikerne on tour performs "Tjat" at Den Norske Opera & Ballett

August 13
Ungdomssymfonikerne on tour performs "Tjat" at Konzerthaus Berlin

August 11
Ungdomssymfonikerne on tour performs "Tjat" at Tivoli i København

August 9
Ungdomssymfonikerne on tour performs "Tjat" at Festspillene i Elverum, Terningen Arena
Conductor: Ole Kristian Rud
Solist: Henning Kraggerud
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July 28
Aquil·les o l’estupor, world premiere at Grec Festival
Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, - Sala MAC at 20:00, July 28, 29, 30
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June 7
Philharmonia Orchestra performs "Troll", The Princess Theatre, Torquay, at 17
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June 5
Sjøforsvarets musikkorps (Norwegian Navy Band Bergen) performs "Breaking Another Wall", Bergen International Festival, Domkirken at 19:30
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May 9
Philharmonia Orchestra performs "Troll", The Pavilions, Plymouth, at 17
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May 6
Violin concerto "Rite" to be premiered by KORK, soloist Harald Aadland
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April 19
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne

April 17
Rolf Borch performs "Shimmer" ("Skimmer") for contrabass clarinet, Norges musikkhøgskole, Oslo, at 19:30

March 28
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne

(From "Nokon kjem til å komme". Photo: Dietmar Janeck)

(From "Nokon kjem til å komme". Photo: Dietmar Janeck)

March 27
Harald Aadland (violin) and Alex Taylor (piano) performs "Rite", Levinsalen, Norges Musikkhøgskole at 19.30

March 20
Reidun Horvei and Geir Botnen performs a selection of songs from "Haugesongar", Valmiera

March 19
Reidun Horvei and Geir Botnen performs a selection of songs from "Haugesongar", Center of Performing Arts at 19:00, Ventspils, Latvia

March 17
Choir Gneis, with conductor Tore Kloster, performs "for stadig å bli", Bergen bibliotek at 20.30
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March 14
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne


February 28
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne

January 29
Ilios-festival in Harstad performs "Breaking another wall", school concert the same day
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January 24
"Nokon kjem til å komme" (Someone is going to come), Stadttheater Giessen at 20.00, studiobühne

New piece finished; "For stadig og bli" for choir, about listening and distance
In cooperation with artist Sissel Lillebostad, conductor Tore Gneis and the choir GNEIS, BEK og Thorolf Thuestad

New pice finished:
for improvisation ensemble
First performance in Bergen at Landmark, 2014
MIC(MS) 40' 

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